The Legacy and History of Tarrytown Pharmacy

Looking for a neighborhood pharmacy close to Downtown Austin with a track record you can depend on? Not many businesses can challenge the decades-long reputation held by Austin’s Tarrytown Pharmacy, with a history of customer service and dependability tracing back seventy years.

The website tells the story. It was Guy Kelly who first opened the doors of Tarrytown Pharmacy, which is located off of Exposition Boulevard in the Central Austin area known as Tarrytown. It was a day before the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 6th, 1941. Not long after, Kelly sold it to the Newberry family on Cherry Lane, which managed not only to keep it, but to pass it down three generations.

Today, Tarrytown Pharmacy is still owned and operated by the Newberry family. Mark Newberry and wife Leslie continue the legacy of old-fashioned customer service, dependability, service, and community.

The pharmacy is regarded for generosity. For nearly seven decades, Tarrytown Pharmacy has given back to the Austin community. To date, close to one million dollars has been donated to public and private causes.

For all of these reasons and more, in 2008 Tarrytown Pharmacy received the honor of being named McKesson South Region Pharmacy of the Year, the first time for a Texas independent pharmacy.

Tarrytown Pharmacy, apparently, is true blue. So stop by and say hello, pick up a gift, birthday card, or prescription, and don’t hesitate to learn even more of the proud history behind this local landmark — a noble piece of Austin’s past, present, and future.

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