Tarrytown Will Be Home to New Vegan Gastropub

beer plantTarrytown in central Austin soon will be home to Beer Plant, the first gastropub where all food and drink items will be plant-based – 100% vegan and plant derived. The Beer Plant aims to combine craft beer and drinks with “hearty, artfully prepared plant-based fare.”

Rather than a “fake meat” establishment, Beer Plant will serve pub fare such as savory vegetable pot pies, Irish lager stew, and unique curry bowls.

“We wanted to create a place where craft beer and vegetables could share the spotlight,” said co-owner Ray McMackin, who has called Austin home for the last 35 years. “A place where folks can eat clean and drink clean. Austin is the ideal spot for a concept like this.”

Ray and his wife Sarah are in the designing, permitting, hiring, and menu-development phase, but the location is set. The Beer Plant will be located in old west Austin on Windsor Road, taking over Austin Java’s previous Tarrytown location.

“We’ve seen the farm-to-table eating trend explode with a heavy emphasis on meaty fare; we want to offer a more garden-to-table dining experience – all the plants, minus the meat,” said Sarah. “Vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds – traditional cuisines use these ingredients in remarkable ways for timeless dishes, and that’s what we plan to do at The Beer Plant.”

The restauranteurs want to highlight the celebratory aspects of plant-based eating. “We are avid craft beer drinkers who love great food,” said Ray. “At home, we enjoy turning guests onto vegetables prepared in new ways and paired with a pint. We’re flavor enthusiasts, and we’re always in the kitchen.”

As for the “beer” part of Beer Plant, the McMackin’s plan to feature “beers from the front lines of the craft beer revolution, with a particular emphasis on sours, farmhouse styles and session beers.” They’ll also offer some local wines and a full bar emphasizing “fresh and creative cocktails using botanical mixology.”

The restaurant should open in late summer 2015. To keep up to date with progress, visit The Beer Plant on Facebook.