Austin’s Free Day of Yoga on Labor Day

Explore new types of yoga this Labor Day, with Austin’s 17th “Free Day of Yoga.” With dozens of styles and classes throughout the entire day, Free Day of Yoga has become an annual opportunity to try something new! Classes are held at yoga and dance studios, hospitals, parks, churches, and fitness centers throughout the city.

The goal of the daylong event is to “heighten awareness of the benefits of yoga.” While some styles of yoga are physically challenging and athletic, others focus on relaxation and meditation. Practicing yoga can increase flexibility and strength, improve balance, and relieve stress.

WHEN: Monday, September 7, 2015

“The Free Day of Yoga is our way of saying thank you to our community for supporting us in our quest to expand the awareness of this ancient practice,” says organizer Mary Esther. “Because we offer such a wide variety of yoga teachers, styles and classes on Free Day of Yoga, there is a class for everyone – whether you are tall, short, round, thin, physically active or sedentary.”

For example, Ashtanga is known as “eight-limbed” yoga and is a demanding, fast-paced series for those who want a serious workout. Beginning with sun salutations, students progress from one posture to another in a continual flow while linking movements to breath. Bikram yoga is popular with many due to its repetitive sequencing and heated environment. Kripalu focuses on coordinating breath and movement while “honoring the wisdom of the body” and can lead to an experience of meditation in motion.

Interested in checking out yoga? A few examples of offered classes include Classical Yoga for Total Health, Sunrise Yoga Class in the Park, Thriver Yoga for Cancer Survival, Yoga in the Garden, Yoga Therapy for Neck & Shoulders, Yoga Therapy for Balancing Digestion, Yoga Therapy for Stress Management, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga with a Friend, Yoga for Grief and Healing, Men’s Practice, and many more.

Classes for kids include Crawlers & Toddlers, Yoga for Kids (ages 4-12,) and 5th – 8th Grade classes.

Learn more and download the full schedule of yoga classes at