Austin’s First Creative Crosswalk Debuts on Lake Austin Boulevard

The Austin Transportation Department debuted its first creative crosswalk this week at the 3700 block of Lake Austin Boulevard, just south of Enfield Road. Titled “Crosswalk by the Lake,” it is the first of its kind under ATD’s Creative Crosswalk Pilot Program, which has a goal of installing “safe, cost efficient and low-maintenance painted crosswalks by using a combination of colors, textures, and scoring patterns to liven up an existing marked crosswalk.”

The Lake Austin crosswalk resembles flowing water crossing from one side of the street to the other and still includes traditional crosswalk stripes.

According to the City of Austin website, “Special crosswalk paving treatments can break the visual monotony of the asphalt or concrete pavement and highlight crossings as an extension of the pedestrian realm. Creative crosswalks are a great way to showcase the culture and history of a neighborhood or serve as gateways to key civic, commercial and mixed-use areas.”

Residents may request creative crosswalks in their neighborhoods by calling 311, which will forward the request to ATD. It is encouraged that citizens find their own funding sources from grants or donations, as funds are extremely limited.

The application for the Lake Austin Boulevard crosswalk was supported by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department and was put forward by artists Mery Collet Godigna and Luis Guitierrez. The crosswalk exists in conjunction with a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon.

Visit the Creative Crosswalks page to learn more.

(Photo courtesy Austin Transportation Department, via its Facebook page)