More Parking Meters Could Be Coming to Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Hike And Bike

More parking meters could be coming to Lady Bird Lake, according to a plan put forth by the Austin Transportation Department and as reported by KXAN. ATD is looking to eliminate free weekday street parking on Lady Bird Lake’s north side and is looking to install meters in the parking lot adjacent to the Austin High School tennis courts.

The earliest the meters would go up is at the end of the summer, following a presentation to the Austin City Council. Meters would be installed along Veterans Drive and Atlanta Street, in conjunction with upcoming Austin Independent School District meters on Stephen F. Austin Drive.

ATD asserts the proposal will prevent people from leaving their cars in place all day, thus creating turnover and making it easier for more people to find a parking space. The proposal would involve 329 paid parking places on the street and in the lot, with the same 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekday hours as Austin Independent School District meters. Weekends will stay free.

KXAN found mixed reactions to whether the parking meters would be a pro or a con for this popular central Austin area, with residents expressing concern about the difficulty of finding parking spots but also expressing that free, open areas like Lady Bird Lake are one of the special features of life in Austin and that cost may prohibit some from enjoying it.

At least for now, the dirt lot on the south side of Lady Bird Lake is not planned for metered parking.